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ColourSpun in Stitches – Holey Knitting

Holey Knitting

There are a few different ways to knit lace but most knitted lace patterns use yarn overs (increases) and decreases. Basically the yarn overs make the holes in the knitting and the decreases keep the stitch count correct. If you need to increase or decrease to shape your knitting – as for a garment, and end up with stitches that do not fit the lace pattern, work these stitches in stocking stitch. Elongated stitches and dropped stitches will also make holey knitting. Knitted lace will often look narrower than it actually is and needs to be blocked to size.

The instructions here are for a very easy lace pattern that has only 1 pattern row which is worked on every row.  It results in a fabric with vertical ridges joined by lacy holes.

You will need:

Yarn –  ColourSpun Pure Cotton DK Yarn

5mm knitting needles


K              = knit

K2tog     = knit 2 together

YO           = yarn over needle (each YO counts as 1 stitch)

On knit rows bring yarn to front of work and then over needle to knit next stitch


Cast on a number of stitches divisible by 3

Knit 3 rows (for the bottom border)

Row 4: K3; (K1; YO; K2tog) to last 3 stitches; K3

Repeat row 4 until your block is the size you require

Knit 3 rows

Cast off.


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