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ColourSpun in Stitches – Textured Blanket Stitch

Crochet Textured Blanket Stitch

This is a lovely, simple stitch that can be used on so much more than blankets. The pattern repeat is just one row so is easy to remember.

UK Terms


ch           chain

DC          double crochet

TR           Treble


Start with a multiple of 3 chains.

Foundation row:  2 TR in the 3rd chain from the hook. *Skip 2 ch, 1 DC, 2TR in next ch Repeat from * to the end of row 1 ending with 1 DC in the last ch.

Pattern row: Chain 2, turn, 2 TR in first DC. **Skip 2 TR, 1DC and 2 TR in next DC Repeat from ** across ending with 1 DC in the top of the 1st 2 ch

Repeat Pattern row to desired length.

End off