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ColourSpun in Stitches – Dimple Stitch

ColourSpun in Stitches - Knit Dimple Stitch

This is a lovely textured, double sided stitch that is perfect for scarves or blankets.

You will need

Yarn of your choice

Knitting needles to suit your yarn


C/on      cast on

C/off     cast off

K             knit

P             purl

Sts          stitches


C/on a number of sts divisible by 6

Rows 1 and 2: (K3, P3) to end

Row 3: (K1, P1) to end

Rows 4 and 5: (K3, P3) to end

Rows 6 and 7: (P3, K3) to end

Row 8: (P1, K1) to end

Rows 9 and 10: (P3, K3) to end

Repeat rows 1 – 10 as many times as necessary.