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ColourSpun in Stitches – Bubble Stitch

Bubble Stitch back

A lovely textured stitch pattern that looks completely different but equally as good front and back.

You will need:

Yarn of your choice

Knitting needles to suit your yarn


C/on      cast on

C/off     cast off

K             knit

P             purl

S              slip

Sts          stitches

Wyib     with yarn in back

GS          gathering stitch – wyib, insert right hand needle from below under 3 strands, knit next stitch, bring stitch out under strands


C/on a number of stitches divisible by 6 + 5

Row 1: Knit

Row 2 and 4: P1; (S3; P3) to last 4 sts; S3; P1

Row 3: K1; (S3; K3) to last 4 sts; S3; K1

Row 5 – 7: stocking stitch

Row 8: P2 (GS; P5) to last 3 sts; GS; P2

Row 9: Knit

Row 10 and 12: P1; (P3; S3) to last 4 sts; P4

Row 11: K4; (S3; K3) to last st; K1

Row 13 – 15: stocking stitch

Row 16: P5; (GS; P5) to end

Repeat these 16 rows for pattern.

Bubble Stitch back
Bubble Stitch back
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