About Us

About Us

ColourSpun yarns, fabrics and threads are created by hand; therefore each is imbued with the artist’s energy and will have its own unique characteristics. Only the finest quality, pure cotton and locally grown kid mohair, merino wool roving and yarn is used; coloured in a smoke free and pet friendly environment using earth friendly dyes which have excellent wash fast and light fast properties.

Wholesale and bulk order requests will be considered.

All the tools are hand made using wood from local, sustainable sources.

It’s the colour – all the colours under the sun, literally, that led to ColourSpun. As far back as I can remember colours are what stand out and make my memories vivid. I can see myself finger painting at nursery school, covered in a bright yellow plastic apron, my hands like little rainbows, splashing colour onto large sheets of paper. I painted and coloured my way through childhood and when in my mid-teens I finally learned to knit, that love of colour was transferred to yarn.

My stash of yarn of every colour soon outgrew my ability to knit it up, but that was fine, I liked just having it to look at, I still enjoy my stash for that. When my boys were little, there wasn’t much time to knit (although I have managed a few rows a day at least for most of my knitting life) and the stash became fairly large – I was always on the lookout for that new colour that I didn’t yet own.  When they were in their teens and I could do more knitting I found I was constantly looking for colours of yarn that just didn’t exist, so I started dyeing my own.

My first attempts were dyed with general purpose dye bought from the local pharmacy. I was trying to dye acrylic yarn (that’s all that was available) and the results were far from satisfactory. In those days there were no books I could find on the subject and no internet, I had to just keep experimenting and trying to get better colours. It got so frustrating that I stopped for a while. Then I met Hazel Hele and that was the turning point. I learnt a huge amount from Hazel, about natural fibres, dyeing and spinning and soon had a large stash of yarn I had dyed myself. I loved it, each skein was unique and it made a huge difference to my knitting. Friends started noticing and also wanted some; soon I was sharing my yarn with them.

I started selling yarn at the local quilting guild meetings and designing patterns to go with it. Not long after that I wrote an article about making your own knitting patterns for Craftwise magazine which led to a knitting pattern for each issue and later to the position of Consulting Editor – Textiles for Stitches magazine. I was dyeing small amounts of yarn and the demand just kept growing. Eventually those small amounts had grown substantially, this was no longer just a hobby. ColourSpun was born and now provides employment for five wonderful women.

We work together to keep our yarn, fabric and threads as earth friendly as possible, with only natural fibres which are mainly locally grown and the best quality dyes that meet GOTS, Oeko-tex and Blue sign specifications. We have developed a process that requires the minimum amount of water and uses sun stoves for heat and when that’s not possible – gas, which is a cleaner alternative to our electricity.

We have merino wool roving and yarn, hand spun and mill spun; kid mohair and 100% cotton in a whole range of different weights. Recently I have added 100% pure cotton fabric and non mercerised embroidery thread in #8 and #5, all available in the same range of colours as our yarn. My signature will always be yarn, fabric and thread that is different, each skein, square and bobbin having its own character, filled with a special energy.

I now spend most of my time in my studio, which is adjoined to our home; doing all the things I love and when I’m not there, you will most likely find me in my little shop at the Bryanston Organic and Natural Market in Johannesburg.